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I spent a nice evening at an intimate, old dinosaur of a theatre in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, last night. Blackmore’s Night gave a concert.
Those of you familiar with Blackmore’s Night, know Ritchie Blackmore, of Deep Purple fame, collaborates with his talented wife Candice to bring the music of Renaissance times to life.
The moment I entered, I knew this theatre had a lot more stories to tell besides the ones that played on her screen.
And I was right.
You can see the presence of orbs I captured while waiting for the show to begin.
And when Blackmore’s Night took stage; they shared a strange occurrence that personally affected the band.
The violinist opened her violin case during set-up and discovered her prize instrument in two pieces. The band had to scramble to find her a replacement. You would never know; she played beautifully.
During the concert, a loud buzzing from the stage commenced; the band had to stop until the sound crew could stop it. They started playing again; and the sound emerged once again; this time, in a different part of the theatre.
Ritchie played, well, like Ritchie……….
And Candice sang beautifully.
The last song of the night was spectacular, a full performance of Smoke on the Water, in tribute to Jon Lord.
It was a truly memorable evening of spirits and music.
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