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In this series, I have created a dragon print to match each of the Chakra energy centers.
Each print will explain the Chakra targeted and how it relates to the energy center of the body, where health and emotions may cause a weakening or blockage of energy. Each print will help you focus on strengthening the areas of your energy which may be in need of balance. If you need any help in deciding which dragon would be perfect for you, please send me an email and I would be glad to help you decide.
Shirl Knobloch
Certified Reiki Master

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"Red Dragon""Orange Dragon""Yellow Dragon""Green Dragon""Blue Dragon""Violet Dragon""Crystal Dragon""Dragon Glow""Blue Dragonfly""Dragon Heart of the Sea""Dragon Heart of the Earth""Dragon Heart of the Flame""Dragon Heart of Creativity""Dragon Heart of the Sages""Dragon Heart of the Sun""Dragon Heart of Peace""Dragon Heart of Amethyst""Dragon Heart of Emerald"