I hope you enjoy browsing through my Galleries.   Click on Paintings and Photographs to find which Gallery  best suits your interests.  You can create custom gifts by going to the Shop feature.  Prints of my paintings can be purchased in various sizes and on various papers and materials.

If you are interested in a custom painting (of your home, for example, or a special vacation photo you would like memorialized in watercolor), just message me.

Custom pet portraits may also be commissioned.

About me........

 I love photos; not photos of cousin Joe’s wedding, though those are nice. I love photos that tell an instant and a lifetime in one click of the button, or flash of the light.
I love wandering cemeteries. There is a name given to people like me, taphophiles. Years ago, I didn’t know there was a name for this addiction, until I stumbled upon it on the computer one day. Lo and behold, I found fellow taphophiles and treasure troves of stories in the photos taken at both famous and abandoned cemeteries around the globe.
I look for little snippets of the heart……touching mementos left at a gravestone, or weeds left to wind with abandon, each tell their own story.
For me, finding that moment that I know will transcend into my camera and into your heart is like finding a diamond in the rough.
Each resident is a diamond, some polished with manicured landscapes and some in the rough, with overgrown weeds and dandelion blossoms adorning their grave.
To me, they are all precious jewels of time, shining in the sunlight or waiting in the rain, for a taphophile’s heart and camera……………

I believe photography can convey such emotions ......... I like to visit cemeteries, especially on rainy, misty days. The wistfulness is carried through the camera.
I feel the same about my home in Gettysburg......such emotions are carried through the lens. The sadness, the peace, the beauty of this land.
I love old statues, crumbling, moss covered.....their beauty deepens with age. I love to photograph cemetery Angels...one of my favorite places is Highgate Cemetery, in London, England.
And I love to tell stories; I write on several blogs. Telling stories with a camera, bringing smiles, tears, memories, or longings to life; is something everyone who picks up a camera hopes to achieve.
I love to combine artwork and photography........creating works of art and poignant scenes ..... Each photo capturing a "moment in time" and an emotional response from the eye of the viewer........
Please feel welcome to browse through all my galleries.....
©Shirl Knobloch

Custom Pet Portraits in Watercolor.

Email me your pet's photo. I will then paint a treasured keepsake in watercolor.

Special paintings for childrens' rooms or baby nurseries may also be commissioned, as well as portraits of homes or special places visited.

You can read options and prices and contact me at my website link    www.shirlknobloch.com

My watercolor paintings are scattered throughout my Galleries and are all available as prints or custom made items.

My work as an Author

Dividing her time between her Gettysburg and NJ residences, Shirl is always surrounded by feathered, furry, or hairless friends..(her skinny pig, Dobby), as well as a few resident spirits and mischievous mice at her haunted, historic farmhouse.

Their antics inspire her collections of fairy tales and her personal experiences with animal rescue and the paranormal.


Beautiful testimonial, the best note an author can receive.

My mom is enjoying your book.   I haven't had a chance to read it because she is enjoying it.   The butterfly story is her favorite.   What's really amazing is that she doesn't like books and she is actually reading the stories aloud to me....thank you for creating these moments that will become beautiful memories for me....

My mom says that it's like you are sitting here on the couch telling the stories.   As she reads them, it's like you're sharing them in person.   So awesome.  Love this book.

~~~ Brenda D. Phelps, South Carolina.

Musings about Life........My Daily Blogs

I write on three blogs, in addition to my blog on this Gallery page.
The Roses and Thorns of Life http://sknobloch88.wordpress.com/

Walking Among the Ghosts of Gettysburg http://walkingamongtheghostsofgettysburg.wordpress.com/


https://tenleggedjourney.wordpress.com/  a blog of my journey with my little pomeranian through the final days of his terminal illness, before his crossing to the Rainbow Bridge.

And the blog on this site, accessed by the link on my Gallery pages.

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Signed copies may also be ordered directly from me.   Message me to place an order.