Susan McIntosh(non-registered)
Amazing art work and your eye for photography is fantastic. You are very talented!
Carole Durfee
I have always enjoyed looking at your prints and photographs but today I finally bought a print thank you so much for sharing all your Journeys
Paola Ascoli(non-registered)
Amazing, creative, insightful and mesmerizing. I will miss seeing your posts on FB but at least I know I can still see you here. ❤
Stacy Whaley(non-registered)
Shirl is an amazing talent... Her work tells the story of her beautiful soul ❤️
Lucy Swales(non-registered)
Shirl is gifted in so many ways. Her photography speaks volumes, as they capture a emotion. This is what every photographer tries to achieve. Shirl opens your eyes and your heart to what we would normally overlook or neglect to see. Thanks Shirl!
Your photos are fantastic. You have a great eye for what is interesting and beautiful!
I feel such a Sweet energy when I see your photography!! It's like a connection I REALLY CAN'T describe!
Gloria Burriss(non-registered)
Love browsing through your photos. You really seem to have a knack for capturing such beauty. Especially love the willow tree...Beautiful, it just speaks to my heart.
Kathy (Three Dog Light)(non-registered)
Your images are unique. You have created a place of beauty and imagination.
Loved your pictures they are beautiful, you have the "eye" for it lol. Thanx for sharing it!
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