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One of the perks of living close by New York City, is the ability to visit the Bronx Zoo. Not a place of barren cages and pacing prisoners, the Bronx zoo provides a stimulating and comfortable habitat as close to the native home as possible in a captive environment.
Also included in this Gallery are zoos throughout NJ I have visited.

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"Silverback""Tiger Pair""Stripes""Momma and Baby""Exploring""Reflection""Waiting for a Ride""Poolside Meeting""Naptime""Are you talking to me""Which way to the Buffet""Ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille""Aw, gee....Do we have to cuddle......""Popping out to say Hello""I got the moves like Jagger""Forests of the Night""Proud""Say Fish, not Cheese""Sticking out his Otter Tongue""Vogue"