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Along the Hudson, in the quiet little town of Sleepy Hollow, rests Sleepy Hollow Cemetery....
Maybe not so restful........the legend of Washington Irving's Headless Horseman originated here.
It is a beautiful place by day.....a haunting place by night. I have walked its path in the midnight hour.......some of these photos were taken in the night.........

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"Waiting""Through the Leaves""The Last Light of Day""The Horseman's Bridge""The Hollow of Night""The End of the Day""Shrouded""Steps to Heaven""Tree Guardian""Sleepy Night""The Horseman""Between Seasons"   I called this photo "Between Seasons" a little leaf not knowing to stay green waiting for spring, turn yellow with autumn, or succumb to winter's brown............"Autumn in Sleepy Hollow""Shadows Cast""Rays from Heaven""Still on Post"....."Night Cross""Moonlight Companions""Haze over the Pond""Maiden of the Hollow"